The Consuming Shadow

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The world will be submerged in darkness - escape!



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The Consuming Shadow is a roguelike horror game with puzzle and adventure elements, heavily inspired by titles like FTL: Faster Than Light and Eternal Darkness, among others.

In The Consuming Shadow, you control a normal person who is trying to survive a completely paranormal occurrence: England is being consumed, little by little, by a darkness containing all sorts of evil.

Everything starts when terrifying creatures begin to emerge from Stonehenge. Unfortunately, these creatures are just the tip of the iceberg: a dark god will arrive in 72 hours.

You're objective is to survive those 72 hours. To do so, you'll need to travel all over England by car, choosing your routes and the cities in which you'll stop.

When you enter a city that hasn't yet been consumed by darkness, you'll have the chance to buy supplies, weapons, ammunition, and all kinds of useful gadgets. Of course, if the city is infested with evil creatures, you may have to fight them.

The parts of The Consuming Shadow with action are played out in real time from a two-dimensional perspective. You can use your pistol to shoot or hit something in the body, although you probably want to be on the lookout for a more powerful weapon...

The Consuming Shadow is an outstanding title from an outstanding developer, who once again shows that he is capable of producing the best that any genre has to offer. Another masterpiece from Ben Croshaw.
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